Footgolf has arrived at Bridgend Golf Club.


The rules of footgolf are essentially the same as real golf. Aim the football at the hole, get the ball into the hole in as few shots as possible. The only footgolf-specific rule is the obligation to take a standing shot in the bunkers.

Our course allows footgolfers to share tee boxes and fairways with regular golfers, with each sport then veering off to their own greens.

Footgolf greens have a 21-inch diameter hole to aim at unlike normal golf holes of 4.25 inch. Unfortunately that doesn’t make the sport any easier, not when the regulation-size 5 football used. A football is actually bigger relative to its hole than a golf ball to its cup.

Bridgend has 18 footgolf holes and a game lasts approximately 90 minutes.

There are many reasons why footgolf works, but ultimately it comes down to one thing: it should be easy and it isn’t. You’re forced to question everything you think you know about kicking a ball and you have to rebuild your game from scratch. Footgolf provides an educational platform to improve your skills like how you kick the ball, read the terrain, overcome obstacles or out manoeuvre your opponent. Understanding the strategy behind Footgolf and learning how to properly use different kicks are key elements to unlocking your footgolf game.

Several football teams are already benefiting from the strategy and accuracy practice footgolf courses offer. As well as the game being really enjoyable, footballers are discovering a new way to train.

If you feel this fast growing sport is of interest to your team, please get in touch to discuss what opportunities Bridgend Footgolf can offer to your club.