Footgolf Rules

Avoid a red card by following the rules and guidelines below:

General rules

Play at a good pace while keeping a distance from the group in front. If you are holding up a group behind you, let them play through.

Be courteous to others by not using raised voices or foul language.

Walk – don’t run.

Do not make practice run-ups or shots

The ball may be kicked sharply with any part of the foot. No pushing, dragging or stepping on the ball is allowed.

No use of hands when the ball is in play.

Do not interfere with the movement of a ball by stopping it falling into a hazard.

Wait for the ball to come to a complete rest before the next kick.

If the ball comes to rest on a golf green or tee please place the ball to the side, but not nearer the hole, and take your next kick as normal without penalty.

Once the hole is completed always replace the flag.

 Normal Play

Play your tee shot from anywhere within the designated tee box.

The player furthest from the hole is always the next to kick.

During the play of the hole the ball must be played as it lies. Exception; you can lift and mark your ball position if it interferes with another player’s shot.

If the ball in play hits another ball, the player must play their ball from where it lands but replace the moved ball to its original position. There is no penalty unless both balls are on the putting green, in which case the player who hit the other player’s ball incurs a 2 stoke penalty.

A player must not take a shot when another ball is in motion.

If a ball is lost or out of bounds, play another ball from the position the last shot was played under penalty of 1 stroke.

Once the hole is completed record your score as you walk to the next tee.


Trainers or all weather boots only.  No football boots allowed on the course.