Golf Simulator

Golf Simulator

Bridgend Golf Club has a state of the art Golf Simulator based on the SKYTRAK launch monitor. Bridgend Golf Course now boasts practice facilities providing the most versatile golfing experience.

The simulator studio has become the venue for member competitions at a variety of virtual golf courses. The simulator experience has been found by all who have enjoyed it to be as near to the real thing as you can get with the exception that it doesn’t rain or snow. It is the visualisation of what happens to the golf ball that is simulated, you still have to hit a standard golf ball with your clubs including drivers, irons, wedges and putters.

In addition to playing on virtual courses, the simulator also has extensive practise facilities with a driving range and the tools to carry out a bag mapping exercise

The Golf Simulator is a great benefit to members extending the playing season and allowing for practice to improve skills in a cost effective way.

The simulator was designed and built with expert guidance from Hybridme who also supplied many of the components.

The simulator is also available for use by non-members through the BGC booking system.