The SKYTRAK application is ideally suited to help you improve your game.

Driving Range

The virtual driving range goes far beyond the traditional driving range in that as well as visualisation of the ball flight, many parameters are available to analyse your swing and striking of the ball. Once you have struck the ball, you will see the flight of the ball and you will also get analysis of the launch angles, speed of the club head and ball, spin parameters and distance achieved. The record drive is currently 300 yards, can you beat that?

A camera is also available to view and replay your swing.


This activity is ideal for use by several players. This application has multi player challenges for “Closest the pin”; “Target Practice” and “Longest Drive”.

Game Improvement

This activity takes you through assessing the average distance that you hit with each club. There are a separate “bagging”exercises for all the clubs in your bag and specifically for wedges only.

Once you select the desired exercise, the instructions are self-explanatory.

Once the bagging exercise has been completed, the data can be viewed on screen. The results of your exercise can be saved as a report.