Bridgend Golf Club Byelaws

A. Local Rules of the Course

 1. General

a) Replace divots on the fairway
b) Rake bunkers
c) Repair pitch marks on greens

2. Out of bounds (Rule 18.2)

a) Beyond any boundary fence, walls, or line of white stakes or white line
b) In the ditch to the rear of the 6th, 8th, 15th and 17th greens
c) Beyond the fence at the 5th and 14th tees

3. Penalty Areas (Rule 17)

a) Parts of the burns marked with yellow stakes or lines yellow penalty areas
b) Parts of the burns marked with red stakes or lines are red penalty areas

 4. Abnormal Course Conditions (Rule 16)

a) Areas marked as Ground Under Repair by enclosed white lines
b) Depressions or ruts caused by green-keeping equipment
c) Within the marked area surrounding the “well” on the 5th and 14th fairways
d)Young trees that are less than 6ft tall, trees that are staked or taped or identified by grow tubes

5. Wrong Greens including Footgolf Greens:

On any green not in play including winter greens if a ball is touching them it must be lifted and dropped in accordance with rule 13.1.f

6. Stones in bunkers: These are movable obstructions. Rule 12.2.a applies

7. Overhead power lines:

If a ball strikes an overhead power line the player must play another ball from as near as possible to the spot from which the original ball was played – rule 16.

8. Any temporary local rule as defined on the notice board

Penalty for breach:  Match play loss of hole; Stroke play 2 strokes

Note that while the above local rules are phrased for the eighteen-hole course, they apply equally to the nine-hole course minus references to holes 10 to 18.


 B. The Club Championship.

Bridgend Golf Club Handicap categories for championship

All ties will be played from the white (men) tees.

Category 1: – handicap 13.4 and under
Category 2: – handicap 13.5-21.4
Category 3: – handicap 21.5 and above

The above categories may be altered from time to time due to the overall distribution of handicaps amongst members.

Exact handicaps to be used to determine category

Club Championship qualifying rounds 1 & 2 will take place on two separate days before the Championship finals.

Club Championship qualifying will be based purely on gross scores.

The best 4 gross scores will qualify for the Club Championship regardless of handicap category.  If a qualifier cannot play in the following semi-final for any reason then he will be excluded from the competition and the player with the next best score will be invited to take his place. If necessary, this procedure will be repeated until 4 players are in place.

A player with a handicap in category 1 or 2 who does not qualify for their respective category with their gross score cannot be relegated to a lower handicap category.

Of those remaining the lowest 4 scores in Category 2 and the lowest 4 in category 3 qualify for their category semi-finals.

Within each category the players will be listed from 1- 4 in order of qualifying total scores with the lowest being in position 1 and highest in position 4.

The semi-final draw will be 1v4 and 2v3 in each category.

Each category final will be held over 18 holes.

C. 2’s Sweep

In general, a 2’s sweep will be run on all Club competitions for individual players with the exception of Open competitions.

After each competition a hole from one of the par three holes (3, 5, 11, 12 or 14) or “any hole” will be drawn. Depending on the number of players who have carded a 2 at that hole they will either win the sweep outright or share it.

If no player has had a 2 at the selected hole then the sweep money will be carried forward to the next qualifying competition.

In the event that there is no 2 carded in the last qualifying competition of the season the sweep money will be awarded to the winning team in the end of season Texas Scramble.

D. Competitions

 Fees for competitions will be £3.00 with £1.00 to club, £1.00 to competition winner and £1.00 for the 2’s sweep.